Sterling College Hires Visiting Professor of Communication and Director of Extended Media | August 11, 2010

Sterling College welcomes Donald Frick to the Communication/Theatre Arts Department as a visiting professor. "Professor Frick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Sterling College," said Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Gregory Kerr. "I look forward to the wonderful impact he will have on SC's communication majors. They are gaining a professor who can give them not only professional advice but also advice on servant leadership."

Former Sterling College Basketball Player Jason Finister Passes Away | July 30, 2010
Finister web.preview.jpg

Houston, Tex. - Sterling College alumnus and former basketball player, Jason Finister, passed away on Thursday, July 29 in Houston, Texas at the age of 24.

Sterling College Alumnus Returns as Director of Campus Ministries | July 28, 2010
Christian Dashiell

Sterling College has had a greater-than-usual impact on the life and history of alumnus Christian Dashiell '02. His grandparents met at the College; as did his parents; as did Dashiell and his wife, Stacy. Recently Dashiell extended that influence to the day-to-day details of his life when he accepted the position of Director of Campus Ministries at the College.

Husband and Wife Finish Degrees through e.Sterling | July 27, 2010

The three Welch children-Elijah, 7; Faith, 6; and Grace, 3-attended Sterling College's graduation on May 15, 2010. They weren't there to support a cousin, an older sibling or a young aunt or uncle. They were there to watch as their parents, Josh and Amanda Welch, became the first married couple to graduate through e.Sterling, the College's online division.

SC Team Travels to Thailand | July 14, 2010

Sterling College Hires Information Technology Support Technician | July 14, 2010

Sterling College welcomed Travis Nguyen on July 1 as its new Information Technology (IT) Support Technician. He will work alongside Computer Technician Darrel Ames helping College employees with technical issues. "We are blessed to have Travis as an addition to our team," said Vice President of Innovation and Technology Dr. Ken Brown. "We are looking forward to the expanded offerings and capabilities within IT as he joins our staff."

Sterling College Hires Assistant Resident Director for Kilbourn Hall | July 7, 2010
Ian Anderson

When Ian Anderson moves into Sterling College's Kilbourn Hall later this summer, it may feel like a flashback. Anderson lived in Kilbourn when he was an SC student. This time, though, is very different. He is not a student; he is the assistant resident director. And he is not moving in alone; his wife and two sons will also become Kilbourn residents.

Sterling College Assistant Professor of Biology Publishes and Speaks | July 7, 2010
Jonathan Conard

For several years Sterling College Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Jonathan Conard has researched Kansas elk and white-tail deer with colleagues and students, and he and his colleagues recently shared the results of their work. A paper on the elk study was published in the journal "Restoration Ecology," and Conard, with his co-researcher Blecha, presented on the white-tail deer project at the 90th annual American Society of Mammalogists (ASM) meeting in Laramie, Wyo.

Sterling College Students Go on Mission Trip to Ghana | July 7, 2010

The Sterling College mission trip to Ghana this summer will stretch the eight members of the team as they preach, witness and build relationships throughout the country. The team will have opportunities to speak in local churches, schools and even on the street, but team members will also serve in any other way they can.