Counseling Services

Sterling college offers short-term counseling services free to any of our students.  The purpose of providing these services is to improve their academic performance and  their emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.  Research indicates that students who struggle socially or emotionally are more likely to either drop out of school or transfer.  We aim to reach out to those students, so that their college experience can be more enjoyable and successful.

Business Test

The Sterling College Business Department is excited to announce the addition of a new concentration in Capitalism. The concentration is made up six courses: Free Enterprise and Capitalism, Capitalism throughout the World (Past and Present), Economic Ethics; Capitalism and the American Way, Christianity and Economics, and an Internship course. The purpose of the program is to prepare students to participate in the modern capitalist economic system.

Refer a Student

We appreciate every aspect of support that we receive, especially when we hear of Alumni and Friends telling prospective students about the opportunity to grow and learn here at Sterling College. Thank you for giving us the chance to show students what we have to offer.

Would your student be more interested in joining us on campus or online?

Ministry Teams

The purpose of Sterling College Ministry Teams is to equip college students with leadership experience in church and private school environments, to support church leaders, and to educate church congregants and high school students about Sterling College.

Alumni College

Spend Friday, October 18, experiencing SC from a student’s perspective again. You are invited to join students from all generations to sit in the classroom and learn from professors of the past and the present. Esteemed Sterling College faculty from the last four decades will be instructing classes for current students and alumni. This year we welcome Dr. Arn Froese back to teach a special class entitled "Sociology through the eyes of Sterling College History."

Communication and Media Arts

About the Program

Film Festival

Friday, April 26, 2013

Students have the opportunity to view the premiere of several student-produced films and take a campus tour. More details to come soon!